Android Studio and git

You can clone a git repository to Android Studio.

Click the third option Check out project from Version Control and then select Git

Now specify the repository, choose the directory you want to clone repository and click Clone. You can click Test if you want to test the connection to the repository

If it a private repository you need to specify the username and the password. Click Log In

Enable Version Control

click VCS > Enable Version Control Integration. Now Select Git and click OK

If Version Control tab is not visible at the tab, click Alt + 9 or View > Tool Windows > Version Control

Files with blue color are files with changes

Right-click a file at Local Changes and select Commit.

Specify Commit Message and click Commit. Color changes to white.

Add project to Github.

First, you need to add an account for GitHub. Go to File > Settings > Version Control > GitHub. Click Add account.

Specify your GitHub username and password. Click Log in

Account added. Click OK to close this window

Then go to VCS > Import into Version Control > Share Project on GitHub. Now enter Repository name, Description and click the Share button. Check all the files to add them for initial commit and click OK. That was all.


Android Studio and git

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