Java – git commands part 2

Here you can read part 1.

In this part, I will write about working with remote repositories. First create a remote repository. I will create on github. Login to your account and click Start a project

Choose name for the repository, if it is public or private and edit any other option you need to. Click Create repository.

You will need the repository address. Then click creating a new file.

I will create a

Now click Commit new file at the bottom of the screen. You need to scroll down.

Now git commands:

  • git clone – makes a full copy of a remote repository to a new directory. The directory name will be the name of the repo.
  • git remote – Manage set of tracked repositories.
  • git fetch – downloads files and metadata.
  • git pull – fetch and integrate with the local repo. It is the same as git fetch and git merge origin together.
  • git push – upload and update your changes to a remote repository


Java – git commands part 2

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