HTML – Semantic Elements PART 2

Here you can read part 1

  • figure – contains an image and used to group it with its caption figcaption
  • figcaption – provides information about the image and it must be child of the figure element
  • mark – The mark element represents a run of text in one document marked or highlighted. You can change its style in CSS
  • code – The code element represents a fragment of computer code.
  • abbr – The abbr element represents an abbreviation or acronym, optionally with its expansion.
  • br – represents a line break
  • address – The address element represents the contact information for its nearest article or body element ancestor. 
  • hr – represents a horizontal line, a paragraph-level thematic break

Some notes

  • Section can be used inside a web page or an article
  • Article is a stand alone content and make sense by itself
  • div is a section of a document/ a generic container. It is useful to group elements for styling. It is a block element.
  • span is used to style part of a sentence/text or manipulate it with JS. It is an inline element.


HTML – Semantic Elements PART 2

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